Clubhouse Jr Easter Feature

So Easter has definitely come and gone, but I thought I’d show off a cover and feature article I illustrated for Clubhouse Jr Magazine in April. This one was really fun to do - they’re always great to work with! I’ve included some of my rough and not-as-rough sketches as well. Thanks for taking a look!

Cafe Couple

A sketch that never became more than that…


T-Shirt Design

I recently had the opportunity to design a T-Shirt for the Kings of Pool team at Uken Games who worked on Scratch, which includes me! It was really fun to turn the 3D character design of Scratch into a 2D design that would work well for a shirt, and also incorporated Pool into it in some way. This shirt is now in regular rotation in my wardrobe :)


Clubhouse Jr Puzzle Illustration

Here’s a new piece that just arrived in the mail; published in the September issue of Clubhouse Jr! It was really fun to do this one and it was a bit of a unique challenge since it was a “rebus”, which is a puzzle that combines the use of illustrated pictures in place of text. Check out the magazine if you get a chance!


Clubhouse Jr Magazine Cover

This is my second time working with Clubhouse Jr, and this time they asked me to illustrate the cover along with the feature article in the July issue of the magazine!  I was honoured and had a blast illustrating this story about a frog who learns a lesson about kindness.  Click on any of the images to see them larger.  Thanks for stopping by!

"Scratch" the AR Robot

Recently I checked off another first: designing a character used in an AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game!  For those of you who don't know what that is exactly, AR games use your phone's camera to interact with your actual environment.  In this case Scratch is your opponent in an AR game called "Kings of Pool" (available on iOS and Google).  You can place a virtual pool table in your real environment and go toe-to-toe with Scratch.  This was a lot of fun to work on, and Cheers to my buddy Greg Puzniak for modelling the final 3D version.





Here are some barbarian character design concepts I did a while back - Enjoy!


Emoji Warriors

A little while ago I had the privilege of creating some rough concepts for a new Animated series about “Emoji Warriors”.  It's a show about Emojis...that are Warriors.  I believe the show is still in development but I got the OK to show some of these.  It was a huge challenge to design Emoji characters since the options are so limited without legs and arms. Tons of fun though!  Click on images to embiggen!  Thanks for stopping by!

Clubhouse Jr Magazine

A few months ago I was asked to illustrate an article in the February issue of Clubhouse Jr magazine, and it's on newsstands now! Thanks to Lexie and the team at Clubhouse, this was a blast to work on!


Gecko Illustration

Here's an Illustration I did of a treasure-hunting Gecko, in a bit of a different style for me. He’s like Lara Croft, except much less cleavage.

Final Illustration

Final Illustration

Colour Rough

Colour Rough



Blonde Camper

Here is some final art for the kids adventure/camping project I'm currently working on. This has been a fun one!

Camping Kids

Here's a peek at some rough designs for a new project.  I'm going to be illustrating some kids and their trusty dog that are going on a bunch of adventures.   Will show more soon!

Colour Version

Here's the final of the first page of the Children's book I'm working on! 


My wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl to our family in October and we named her Elle. She's our second child and my wife and I feel beyond blessed to have her in our lives.  

This of course brings us to this sketch! It's a painting I'm starting for my daughter for her room. I'll have another update to it shortly. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!


Quick ink drawing of one of my favourite background characters from Empire Strikes Back.