My wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl to our family in October and we named her Elle. She's our second child and my wife and I feel beyond blessed to have her in our lives.  

This of course brings us to this sketch! It's a painting I'm starting for my daughter for her room. I'll have another update to it shortly. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Robin Hood Roughs

Masters of Anatomy just released their latest book "Character Design Masterclass" and I'm very happy to say I'm part of the project!  You can check out my final work here but I also wanted to show some of my rough process work as well.  Here are some of the rough sketches for my characters and if you get a chance to pick up the book do it!

Robin Hood / Little John

Sheriff of Nottingham / Prince Jon

Maudlin / Advisor


This is the last character of the group from "Cloud Breakers".  This was a really fun project to design the characters for.  Keep an eye out for it soon! 

Punk Pilot

Well, Inktober kind of fell apart for me.  I got crazy busy with a few projects and wasn't able to keep it up. Next year!  

Here's an unused sketch from a project I'm working on right now.  More of that soon!

Inktober Day 1: Han Solo

I'm finally jumping on the Inktober bandwagon...because why not, it looks like fun.  I barely ever draw on paper anymore, or ink with traditional tools.  My whole workflow has become digital, which I love - but it's fun to go back to traditional media every once in a while.

I did a quick sketch and ink of my favourite smuggler from Star Wars.  More to come!...