Ontario Out of Doors Magazine

I recently was hired to create an illustration for a fishing and outdoors magazine called "Ontario Out of Doors", which is published here in Canada. It was an article about fishing for Walleye.  I'm not much of a fisherman myself and the style I was asked to do was a bit outside of my usual thing, which made it fun on both accounts to try something new. It's in the May issue which is on newsstands now.  Hope you enjoy!


This is the last character of the group from "Cloud Breakers".  This was a really fun project to design the characters for.  Keep an eye out for it soon! 


This is a design for "Slick" from 'Cloud Breakers'. Click on him for a larger look. Thanks for stopping by!

The Captain

Here is a character design I'm working on for "CloudBreakers" by Uken Games. It's a mobile game for iOS and Android that is coming this year! I've got a few more of these coming so stay tuned!

Punk Pilot

Well, Inktober kind of fell apart for me.  I got crazy busy with a few projects and wasn't able to keep it up. Next year!  

Here's an unused sketch from a project I'm working on right now.  More of that soon!

Inktober day 8: Chewie

Everyones favourite crossbow-wielding, pilot of the Millennium Falcon.

Inktober Day 1: Han Solo

I'm finally jumping on the Inktober bandwagon...because why not, it looks like fun.  I barely ever draw on paper anymore, or ink with traditional tools.  My whole workflow has become digital, which I love - but it's fun to go back to traditional media every once in a while.

I did a quick sketch and ink of my favourite smuggler from Star Wars.  More to come!...


Welcome to my new site!

I've just finished giving my site a bit of a facelift and I've used the opportunity to start this blog right on my site. This should make it easy to keep things up to date and show you work in progress. I'll still be updating my Tumblr page as well so check that out too.

I've updated the site's look as well as content, take a look around - theres lots of new work to look at.  

Thanks for visiting!